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Hello and welcome to the Calltime blog.

Since its debut in 2010, Calltime has become a casting resource where producers and talent are provided the convenience of connecting remotely for live productions on a global scale. With our state of the art show management functionality designed specifically for the producer, we have provided the ease of posting casting notices, selecting talent with our sophisticated search and multi-attribute matching technology that ensures accuracy of qualifications based on the producer’s needs, assessing the availability and scheduling of the talent, allowing multiple producer administrators to access profiles, staffing multiple show occurrences (i.e. cruise ship casting or long-term casino productions), and contract posting and management.

Our latest upgrades have focused on enhancing the job search experience for the talent by providing the ability to promote themselves worldwide. The talent will be able to apply for a job from multiple sources, incorporate promotional tools that could potentially leave a lasting impression on the reviewer, link their talent profiles to social networking sites, and submit advanced audition requirements for screenings that will eliminate the need for the talent to be seen in person.

Calltime is continually expanding and working toward finding better ways to serve the best interest of our members. Our goal is to create a one-stop portal for the producer and the talent that is sure to save time and money in the casting process. We encourage you to check back often as new features, jobs, and talent categories are updated, and welcome any feedback or suggestions that could help elevate our vision further.

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The Calltime Team

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