Calltime Launches Calltime EXCEL - Professional Reviews for Professional Performers

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The Calltime Team is excited about the launch of Calltime EXCEL, our latest service for performers looking to get started in the entertainment industry as well as for seasoned performers looking for tips for their act. 

The Calltime EXCEL performance review service helps professional entertainers polish their marketing materials (including their demo reel) as well as their performance itself.

Calltime EXCEL currently offers four levels of review tiers:

The STARTER DEMO REVIEW, which is targeted at both people new to the industry as well as working professionals looking for that extra edge in getting that elusive booking. The STARTER DEMO REVIEW is also a great way to get a feel for our review process before moving up the ladder for a more thorough review.
The PREMIUM DEMO REEL REVIEW adds a performance analysis review segment, where the Calltime Review Team takes a look at the actual skill performance level demonstrated in the actual demo reel, and gives suggestions for improvement.
The PROFESSIONAL ENTERTAINER REVIEW adds additional performance review from both a technical skills and artistic performance analysis and includes improvement suggestions. The review team also takes a look at the content choice in this longer performance analysis and includes improvement suggestions to help you book that next audition.
The HEADLINE ENTERTAINER REVIEW is designed for working acts that are looking for feedback on their entire show. This product also adds marketing and branding suggestions to help you reach entertainment bookers interested in booking your show.

Our focus is to help you book your next audition.

With the thousands of demo reels our team has reviewed over the years, both in our work in the industry as well as the over 15,000 talent profiles we have screened, we have seen it all and know what works. Our team members have sat on the other side of the audition table (as well as produced the shows that paid our audition staff) and want to help you avoid the mistakes we see over and over from talent seeking to book the part. Your performance demo reel is your commercial - make it count.

Get started today and book that next gig!

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