5 Entertainment Myths That Just Aren’t True

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5 Entertainment Myths That Just Aren’t True - Calltime

Myths, rumors and urban legends surrounding showbiz do tend to double the entertainment value, but here are some that have been thoroughly debunked.

In The Air Tonight

The legend goes that Phil Collins wrote this song after witnessing someone drowning. Collins was too far away to help, but someone else sat there and watched from only a few feet away. Collins supposedly wrote this song as a way to confront the apathetic witness. Or so the legend goes. In truth, Collins wrote this song about a painful divorce he’d been going through.

Audiences Fled The Theater At The First Movie Showing

It’s fun to think of those simpleton audiences of yesteryear fleeing the theater when Train Arriving At A Station showed a locomotive barreling at the camera in life-size. Think about it though: Did you do that the first time you saw IMAX? Did your parents do that the first time they saw video games? Nobody was ever fooled into mistaking a movie train for the real thing.

Wizard of Oz Suicide

You’ve heard of the munchkin who hung himself on the set of Wizard of Oz because Judy Garland rejected him. That “hanging corpse” in the background is just a bird flapping its wings.

The Three Men And A Baby Ghost

That looks like a ghost in the background of Three Men And A Baby, right? It’s just a cardboard cutout. However, the image does look pretty spooky.

Jimi Hendrix Put LSD In His Headbands

Supposedly, Jimi used to put LSD in his headbands so that he could absorb it through his skin throughout a show. Truth is that:

A. That wouldn’t work very well.
B. Even if it did, the show would be over before he felt a buzz.
C. His family has denied it.
D. There’s easier ways to do drugs.

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